Fun Babysitting Activities

babysitting activities

The fun that comes with having a babysitter, however, doesn’t stop with watching your kids. You can also take on some babysitting activities as part of your role, or just as a little fun between you and the babysitter.

Games and Crafts

Babysitting games and activities are an important part of babysitting. Parents have fun bonding with their kids while they’re playing games and activities. You don’t have to spend a fortune to play them. Just a few toys and board games are more than enough. Fun babysitting crafts and activities, affordable babysitting games and activities, educational babysitting games and activities, simple fun activities for parents and other babysitter games and activities can all help create a babysitter-parent relationship that lasts a lifetime.

One of the most popular babysitter activities is “jigsaw activity.” A couple of blocks of cardboard cut out shapes and then cut them in half. Use a jigsaw to cut a “jigsaw piece” out of each shape. You can put one in each space and have a fun activity where your child guesses which one belongs where. These activities are great for learning about how to cut shapes out of paper, cardboard and other materials.

When a parent and child are taking a bath, you can play a game called Baby’s Skin Tying. If you have an older child, this is an especially fun activity because they will learn how to tie their clothes better than babies and toddlers and can save a lot of time when it comes to tying their clothing.


Other fun activities can involve helping your child with household tasks or even doing the shopping. As a parent, you’ll love being able to play babysitter by being able to do these things for your child and making the babysitter mom and dad feel special and supported.

Some other interesting activities include making a scrapbook for them. Have your kids draw pictures of their family, friends and pets to hang on their wall. You can use a special bookmarking program to write the name of the person and where they hang it. Then, use these pictures to make their very own scrapbook cover.

Another unique way to make your babysitter’s day more fun is to create an online journal or card that they can send to the babysitter whenever they want one. You can use cards from their favourite books, favourite celebrities, and other things you think they would want to read. as a keepsake.

babysitting activities

Remember that your kid’s needs and wants may change throughout the year so think ahead and make sure that the activities you provide to keep up with their changing needs and styles. Your child’s personality and interest may change, so be flexible and creative about the activities. The bottom line is that you want your kids to feel loved and cared for as they grow into their babies.

An important thing to remember when babysitting is not to leave your child unattended. Even though you can get involved in helping around the house with things like cooking or laundry, don’t forget to supervise your child so they don’t wander off to get themselves into trouble.

Don’t overlook the fact that your kids will need their space at some point. Make sure that you find ways to keep it private where you can be sure that your kids are getting what they want. If you have toys for their captive, make sure they are kept away from siblings.

Finally, don’t forget to let your kids get involved in deciding what kinds of activities will get done in their little area. In this way, they can help you decide which activities they should try.

With these tips, you’ll find that many fun babysitting activities are available for you to incorporate into your child’s day. No matter what kind of a babysitter you are, you’ll be able to do something fun.