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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

The Your Babysitter site has been designed with convenience and simplicity in mind and therefore the Home Pages for Parents, Babysitters and Nannies are constructed in very similar formats. The FAQ's addressed in the following paragraphs are often reflected by similar answers, particularly on the site functionality so please read from both sides of the service. 

What is this site about?
The website, provides you the access to locate a suitable person to care for your children in a secure, convenient and timely manner. You will be introduced to a selection of Babysitters or Nannies looking for work in your area from which you can personally choose,  so you may attend to your life’s needs.
Alternatively the Babysitters and Nannies are able to locate families in need of their particular skills, caring and availability.

Is it free to register?
Yes! It is free for Babysitters & Nannies to register on their own Home Page, however there is a small fee for Families & Parents to register and search for Babysitters or Nannies.

Once I have registered, how do I find what I am looking for?
It is simple, once you have registered you can navigate your way through the site using searches and prompts to find the Family, Babysitter or Nanny that you are looking for. You then may make contact with the person or family to evaluate their suitability to your standards and needs.
When you register with Your Babysitter, you have the option to choose e-mail as your way of contacting someone or you can choose both e-mail and SMS messaging, which enables you to reach them faster using SMS for those immediate needs and the email provides the file copy on your Home Page.

How are my payments to you secure?
Your payments for subscriptions and SMS credits are processed through PayPal which is International payment processing company. Your Babysitter does not handle your payments and we also get our funds through their merchant process. For further information and assurance please go to the PayPal page.

How often should I login to the site?
The more often you login the more likely you are to get work! As new people are joining and accessing Your babysitter everyday they get put to the top of the listings in your postcode area so you are advised to logon at least weekly so you will be displayed in the top of the list.

I am only free certain days or nights. How do I organise these hours?
It is easy at Your Babysitter. Just set your profile to show the days or hours you are available to work. When your availability days or times change, just login to "Update Profile" and change your availability. This process is the same for Families as well, so to change any of your information just login to the Yourbabysitter account and edit your details in the "Update Profile" then "click" on the submit button to save them. Simple as that!

How can I change the details on my profile?
Just login to the Your Babysitter site using your username and password. This will open your account page,then click "Update Profile", alter the relevant fields and then click "submit" to save the changes.

When I am registering, what does "be included in searches" mean?
You should select "yes" if you would like potential Babysitters or Parents to find your requirement for work or their babysitting services when you are actually not on the site physically searching for your own needs. When you are not in need of a parent/family job or a babysitter, you can then "click - NO" whilst still retaining your profile details for the next time your need to use Your Babysitter. You should also "uncheck" all boxes in the job specifcations section so you will not be included in any search results initiated by Baybsitters looking for work or Families looking for a Babysitter. When you are ready to be active again, you simply edit your profile with a "YES" and update your job preferences then click "submit" to save. Now you will receive requests or offers. Good luck!!

Are my personal details kept confidential?
Your personal details (surname, address, phone numbers, e-mail) are never shown on the site searches by other members. All SMS messages are routed via the Your Babysitter secure server so your personal mobile number is not given out. You can choose whether or not you want your e-mail address sent when you send an e-mail to either a Babysitter or Parent in respect of a advertised position. 

How do I get a police check?
Each state has its own legislation and method for obtaining a police check. See Your Babysitters "What is a police check" page in Helpful Hints for more information.

Is this site for Babysitters or Nannies?
BOTH! Babysitters can set their profiles to request work in the evenings or weekends. Nannies can set their profiles to request work for days and nights – whenever they are available to work. The "Personal Profile" is very flexible and provides for your short and long term availabilities.
Additionally you are able to search the Parent/Family requirements by post code, so you can look for available jobs that suit your ability and availability. You also have the facility to email and/or SMS a Parent/Family who have posted a job vacancy, so it is important to login to Your Babysitter regularly to get the available jobs.

What is the difference between a Babysitter and a Nanny?
A Nanny is an experienced person who provides childcare for a living, day and night. A Nanny usually has professional qualification and training. A Babysitter mostly does evening or weekend work and may study or work in another profession. Babysitters provide a very valuable service to families - so references and experience should be a factor in your using them.

Are there any agency fees for your service?
Your Babysitter is not an agency and does not place Babysitters in jobs with Families. Your Babysitter does not set any rules about your hours or expect you to pay a booking fee. We are just an introduction database resource site – an easy way for you to meet families and find work. The parents pay a subscription fee to search for available persons to interview for their needs. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.
Should an interview be arranged before a job starts?
Yes! It is advised that there is an interview, this way you can meet the new babysitter/nanny and introduce your family to them. Please see our "How to Choose the Right Nanny or Babysitter" in the "Helpful Hints" page to guide you in the right direction.

Does it matter if I don't have a mobile phone?
It just means that parents will only be able to contact you via email and you will need to log into your emails regularly so check for job offers!

I prefer to get requests via SMS. How do I make sure Parents or Babysitters and/or Nannies send an SMS to my phone?
Just make sure you fill in your mobile phone number when you register with Your Babysitter. You may also like to write a comment in your personal statement telling parents that you'd like SMS requests instead of email.

Do I still need to check my email even if I am using my mobile phone for Your Babysitter requests?
Yes! It is important that you login regularly to update your profile and check your email. Some families may choose to only e-mail you, so it is advised to check not only e-mail but also your own private e-mail account.

When I reply to the SMS request how do I get the parents' number?
The parents' phone number is written in their text message! Once you press 'reply' you will need to type in the phone number that was written in the SMS. You should also write your name on your SMS reply so parents know it was from you!