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Our mission in offering the Your Babysitter Service  is to provide an easy, economical and secure introduction medium for both Parents and Babysitters or Nannies to attend to the care of children.

We offer Babysitters and Nannies the platform to present themselves with the opportunity to work in the childcare role and earn some reward for their interest and effort in this important and necessary child minding industry.

The Parents too can use our service to locate satisfactory persons to care for their children when the need arises.

Your Babysitter offers the integrated database of Parents and Babysitters where they can locate and arrange mutually secure initial contact prior to any formal engagement of service.


Parents can make unlimited searches on the Your Babysitter database for as long as their subscription is active. When you locate and engage a Babysitter you do not pay any further subscriptions OR fees to keep using them. Sign Up to Find a Babysitter now.

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Babysitters and Nannies

Babysitters and Nannies negotiate their own rates with the families of the children they look after. They can sign up and be registered on the Your Babysitter database for free, so the parents can also search for suitable Babysitters registered in their area or postcode. Sign up as a Babysitter now.

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